Welcome to another lonely pixel. I am a writer, lecturer and broadcaster. But I’m probably as happy with a D7000 in my hands. I have, unfortunately, too little time for photography these days. So, I decided to waste a bit more of the time I don’t have by setting up this photoblog. I will post one photo every week or so (at least, until I run out of decent pictures…). I also now have a Flickr account that you might want to check out.

There are no comment boxes with the photos but you can leave any thoughts on the comments page.

My writing blog is Pandaemonium. My main website, kenanmalik.com, is an archive of my books, essays, reviews, broadcasts and talks. That’s work. This is fun.

Kenan Malik


The image at the top, by the way, is a drawing by Heather Spears of Roy Porter, Steve Jones, Georgina Ferry and myself in a discussion at the Cheltenham Festival, 2000.


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